Key Concepts Training for Front- Line Visitation Supervisors 8 Hours

Many of our members have been asking for a way to get the front-line staff trained and keep their skills sharp in this time of social distancing. The SVN Faculty has responded by creating a one-day training for front line visitation supervisors. Topics include, Intake, Intervention, Documentation, Informed Neutrality, Safety, and Collaboration 

This training is $99 for SVN Members, $149 for non members

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Course Details

Session 1 Keys for Best Practice
Session 2 Decision Making, Ethics and Respect
Session 3 Safety
Session 4 Trauma and the Brain
Mid Term
Session 5 Neutrality
Session 5 exercise
Session 5 Video Exercise
Video Comments
Session 6 Intervention
Session 7 Documentation
Session 8 Working with Professionals
Final Exam
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