Navigating Social Justice Lessons 1.5 Hours

Navigating Social Justice Lessons-Finding the Opportunity for Responsive Equitable Service Provision

The Supervised Visitation Network Training Committee has recognized the challenges that are faced by providers daily in sorting through programing issues to keep our services responsive, fair, and equitable.  Join us for a conversation with panelist from across North America as we seek to have a dialogue that allows us to have honest discussions on how issues of racism and implicit bias impact services supervised visitation programs.  We will ask panelist to respond to questions about the current events where we are recognizing inequities.  The panel will explore the impact of systemic racisms on clients in supervised visitation, we will discuss the presence of security staff at services and will provide takeaway items that every provider can do to help manage these issues in today’s climate. We will address balancing the need for safety and security with cultural humility through compassionate trauma informed approaches.

This conversation will be the first of many steps that the SVN Training Committee plans to take to continue dialogue within our profession to increase better outcomes for families and providers

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