What Visit Supervisors Need to Know About the Court, Legal Terminology, and Testifying 1.5 Hours

Visit supervisors are regularly called upon to testify in cases where visits are ordered. The family court in particular relies upon the expertise of visit supervisors to assist it in making critical decisions regarding the safety and best interests of children. In order to give effective testimony, visit supervisors need to have a basic understand of court processes and procedures, legal terminology, and the nature of roles played by the various participants in the proceeding. More importantly, visit supervisors need to know how to communicate to the court the vital information and expertise they possess within the confines of the rules of evidence.

This session will provide participants with a working knowledge of the court process and the rules governing witness testimony, involving the safety and best interests of children. It will also provide interactive, role-play exercises designed to demonstrate good testimonial practice, and tips on how to be better prepared, how to feel more comfortable, and how to be more effective in court


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